Water Soluble and Lavender Pain Salve Combo


Discover the soothing touch of Bee’s Wellness Lavender Pain Salve, crafted with 1800 mg of full-spectrum CBD, Arnica, Menthol, and Organic Comfrey—a rich, aromatic salve designed for comfort.

Bee’s Wellness Lavender Pain Salve is a carefully formulated blend of natural ingredients that provides a comforting sensation. Our community often considers it a highly valued addition to their wellness routine.

Experience the advanced formulation of Bee’s Wellness Water-Soluble CBD, designed for improved bioavailability. Perfect for blending into your favorite beverages.

Explore the innovative world of Bee’s Wellness Water-Soluble CBD, crafted for those seeking a more bioavailable form. Our product is designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily life, whether taken directly or mixed into your preferred hot or cold drinks.

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   🌟 Dynamic Duo 🌟
🌱 Bee’s Wellness Water Soluble CBD & CBD Pain Salve! Enhanced wellness and revolutionary products crafted for daily relief and comfort!
🌀 Why Water-Soluble CBD? Our innovative Water-Soluble CBD mixes seamlessly into any beverage, hot or cold. Designed for higher bioavailability, it is derived from full-spectrum hemp oil, rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Yes, you can also just put it under your tongue!
🌿 Soothe Your Senses with Bee’s Wellness Pain Salve: Our Pain Salve, with 1800 mg of full-spectrum CBD, Organic Arnica, Menthol, and Comfrey, offers soothing relief. It’s perfect for your wellness routine, targeting discomfort directly at the source.
🛡️ Tackling Inflammation Inside and Out: The combination of our water-soluble CBD and pain salve effectively tackles inflammation from the inside out. Our experience shows that using this duo together allows maximum relief, enhancing overall wellness.


Combo Options

Combo #1: 300mg /1800mg, Combo #2: 900mg/1800mg, Combo #3: 1800mg/1800mg

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