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Step into the world of Bee’s Wellness Café, a place where dreams come true and the healing power of plant-medicine awaits you. My journey began with an essential tremor, and through grace, I found my true path—the path of holistic healing through CBD.

As a dental hygienist for 15 years, I was devastated when I developed an essential tremor while cleaning a patient’s teeth. My world turned upside down, and doctors were quick to prescribe pills without truly understanding the cause. But this diagnosis became a catalyst for my holistic journey.

In my pursuit of relief, I explored countless CBD shops, but I struggled to find products that worked for my tremor. My husband and I embarked on a deep dive into cannabis research, uncovering the truth that not all CBD is created equal. The extraction methods and hemp flower quality make a world of difference.

Along the way, we discovered something remarkable—CBD offers an array of benefits beyond my tremor. We learned about the endocannabinoid system, CB1 and CB2 receptors, terpenes, flavonoids, and the entourage effect. It’s not just about the tremor—it’s about a holistic approach to overall well-being.

We were astonished to find that cannabis research in the United States lagged behind other countries, like Israel, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. But we pressed on, connecting with hemp farmers and expanding our knowledge.

A year into our journey, we stumbled upon a life-changing CBD extract—water-soluble CBD. The absorption rate of nearly 100% was a game-changer. My tremor became non-existent, and I experienced newfound relief and balance in my life.

Empowered by this transformation, I made it my mission to share our research with anyone willing to listen. Bee’s Wellness Café was born, and we set up shop at farmer’s markets and health fairs. The response was overwhelming, and we realized we had stumbled upon something truly special.

As our understanding deepened, we discovered more benefits of CBD. My husband and I have managed to stay off blood pressure, cholesterol, anti-depressants, and gabapentin medications. My tremor is under control, and my back pain has disappeared—all thanks to the power of plant medicine.

But this journey isn’t just about us—it’s about empowering others to take control of their health. Bee’s Wellness Café rigorously tests every product, ensuring only the highest quality reaches our shelves. We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support from our community, especially during challenging times.

CBD may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, but the benefits are undeniable. Whether you seek relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation, or want to enhance your overall well-being, CBD has something to offer. Experience the wonders of plant-medicine at Bee’s Wellness Café, and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life.

Bee Blessed,
Brook “Blazey Bee” Richie

Brook "Blazey Bee" Richie


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Amazing ! Adorable cozy store, wit cbd products, prices are reasonable. Staff is super nice . Loved the atmosphere, super relaxing, i definitely recommend to visit. I will be returning soon❤️
B Pacheco
Awesome store for your CBD/Delta product needs! Do yourself a favor and try their fresh juices while you peruse their other products! The owners were very friendly and knew their stuff when it came to the products and services they provided! We will definitely be going there again soon!
S Kslonski
They have a large variety of items. They even have items for your furry Friends. I got the CBD bone broth for my dog to help with her aches and pains as she is older. Fresh juices, crystals, candles & coffee are just a few of the many wonderful things they have. It is a very welcoming and peaceful atmosphere.
K Harrison
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