All proceeds from the sale of "Sleep, the Carbon Dioxide Advantage: Reimagining Your Life Story", go to the Breathe for Wellness Functional Breathing Foundation, Inc.

Sleep, the Carbon Dioxide Advantage: Reimagining Your Life Story” delves deep into the transformative power of understanding the symbiotic relationship between sleep and carbon dioxide. The book underscores the importance of functional breathing in enhancing CO2 tolerance, leading to improved sleep, cognitive clarity, and emotional balance. It highlights the often-overlooked fact that mouth breathing is for emergency breathing only. Consistent dysfunctional breathing, especially through the mouth during the day, disrupts our body’s natural balance and makes achieving quality sleep virtually impossible. By shedding light on the epidemic of dysfunctional breathing in our society, this book offers a holistic approach to health and vitality. It encourages readers to address and rectify their breathing patterns, emphasizing the profound impact of nasal breathing on overall well-being, and inspires them to reimagine their life story with renewed energy and purpose.

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